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Mission Statement

Our mission is to unite both men and women as we encourage students to pursue a degree in Computer Science, foster an inclusive culture that will help students thrive in the program, and to prepare students to successfully serve as they participate in their quest for perfection and eternal life.

Meet some of our students


We know you have a busy schedule, but we would love to have you come visit with us.  Looking for work? We can help you make connections.  Need to discuss a problem with a class? Come on by!  Want to know about research opportunities?  We’ll take you on a tour.  Our goal is to help you have the best experience possible in computer science.  Come see us in 2248 TMCB.


There are many computer science clubs that help see you through!  WiCS (Women in Computer Science) is a great resource for women. WIT (Women United in Technology)  is for all women across Brigham Young University studying/interested in technology.  Check out more clubs.